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January 06 2015


The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show - The History of Women in Funk and Soul

Some really killer episodes of The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show ended 2014 that you can still listen to online for a while.

"Throughout 2014 Craig has been charting The History of Women In Funk & Soul. Starting way back from Mahala Jackson's era through to the up and coming artists of today Craig will be looking at successful women in funk & soul. You'll be hearing when Craig had the late Amy Winehouse in Session and conversation and when Beverly Knight and Lisa Stansfield joined his Fantasy Funk Band. They'll be disco hits from Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor. R&B-soul from Jill Scott & Angie Stone. Country soul from Candi Staton and neo-soul from Erykah Badu."

"It's been a great year for Funk & Soul with releases by Shaun Escoffery, Lisa Stansfield, Brand New Heavies, Smoove & Turrell, Lack of Afro, Lee Fields, Aloe Blacc, the list is endless. Craig takes a look back at the tracks and albums that have really made waves on the scene throughout 2014."

November 16 2014

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This is a beautiful, earnest song--unlike its official video. The video makes me increasingly uncomfortable. Toward the end I peek through my fingers, not wanting to look full on but too morbidly curious to look away.

Really not helpful that now whenever I get this song stuck in my head (which is frequently, since I listen to it frequently), these images also get stuck in my head.

But. On some level, I identify with this man. If It let myself go while listening to this song, I might look not entirely unlike this.

"A Time For..." - Lack of Afro feat. Wayne Gidden - YouTube

September 25 2014

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this is a very fun 5 minutes 20 seconds.
my favorite part is the dancing wellies--essential festival gear for that region!

The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show - Kendal Calling '09 - YouTube

August 21 2014

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worth repeating. on a loop, in fact.
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